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правда и вымысел

Голова тамплиеров
(Фрагмент из книги: Малколм Барбер «Процесс тамплиеров»)

Мудрость мертвой головы
(Фрагмент из книги: Дени Баксан «След Сатаны на тайных тропах истории»)

Рыцари Храма. Тайна
(Фрагмент из книги: М.Байджент, Р.Лей, Г.Линкольн. Священная загадка)

Скрытое лицо рыцарей Храма
(Фрагмент из книги: М.Байджент, Р.Лей, Г.Линкольн. Священная загадка)

Тайна рыцарей храма
(историческое исследование. Альманах "Лабиринт времен")

Тамплиеры и масонство
(Фрагмент из книги: В. С. Брачев Масоны в России)

La tete magique des Templiers
(Salomon Reinach)

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The history of the Knights Templars, Temple Churche, and the Temple

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From the preface to the present edition:
"The vulgar notion that the Templars were as wicked as they were fearless and brave, has not yet been entirely exploded ; but it is hoped that the copious account of the proceedings against the order in this country, given in the ninth and tenth chapters of the ensuing volume, will tend to dispel many unfounded prejudices still entertained against the fraternity, and excite emotions of admiration for their constancy and courage, and of pity for their unmerited and cruel fate."

The Templars in Cyprus
From editor's preface to the present edition:
In the "Templar in Cyprus" Werner ascribes to a Carmelite body, calling themselves "Sons of the Valley", the downfall of the Templar fraternity, designed with a view to the establishment of a more extended system of a mysticism (which he calls the "Valley of Peace"); to make way for which the poem hints that the Templars are to be destroyed. Werner was a Freemason, and his religious notions, of which he makes "SIR ROBERT" the mouthpiece, where at the date of his writing this poem, of a theosophic order. In fact he aimed, at that time at establishing a New Religion of his own invention; though ultimately he became a Priest, and preached in Roman Catholic pulpits.

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