Creature Super Substantial

Creature Super Substantial
Thousands years ago enigmatic creatures exerted an influence upon mankind. Nothing certain was known about them. Their guise sometimes was alike human being but sometimes it was absolutely inconceivable. Their capabilities stunned an imagination. They were capable of inapprehensible manipulations with space and time – they could, for instance completely transform their body into body of any known or even unknown phantasmagorical creature, they could change objects around them and effectively manipulate the causes and consequences of occurrences and do many other amazing things. People called those creatures the gods.

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The masterpieces of pictorial art created by great masters over millenniums... The elusive sensation of the harmony of excellence, caused by them is the hint on one of the most complex types of cognition - the cognition by aesthetic feeling.
Manifestations of the "Spirit of the Time"
  Manifestations of the "spirit of the time"
Each object reflects more or less the particulars of the time when it was created. However there are some things which symbolically represent the most distinctive attributes of that elusiveness, what usually called "the spirit of the time"; something which can not be completely described but can be perceived…
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